Austrade delivers compliance for Microsoft 365 with Content Manager

The growth of Microsoft 365 usage across modern enterprises has exploded since late 2019.  With over 270 million users adopting the platform virtually overnight, this has created one of the biggest challenges in history for information governance and compliance professionals.  The recent Optus data breach is a timely reminder to organisations that retaining records for longer than required, increases the risk profile and management overhead of this information. Organisations that are adopting Microsoft 365 must establish an effective information governance model to manage Microsoft 365 data, ensuring that records are not being retained for longer than necessary.

Microsoft 365 provides a rich and collaborative experience for the end user but it falls short in many areas when it comes to providing effective information classification and retention. At its simplest, Microsoft 365 Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive is a hierarchical file storage system, not much different from the shared network drives that we have been using for decades. Organisations that allowed an ungoverned use of network drives have created an information landfill, that quickly became impossible to try to retrospectively manage and govern.  If the same approach is taken with Microsoft 365, we’re simply repeating the errors of the past.  There is a better way…

Modern organisations need a platform that supports the full adoption of Microsoft 365 and that also supports effective classification and retention of records end users are creating.  Organisations that empower users to embrace Microsoft 365 but that choose to implement an effective information governance platform, significantly reduce the risk of creating a Microsoft 365 information landfill.

One such organisation is Austrade – Australian Trade and Investment Commission.  Austrade has partnered with Kapish to implement a simple and effective governance platform for Microsoft 365 with Content Manager.  Seema Mulye (Austrade Knowledge and Information Governance Specialist) recently shared the Austrade compliance story.

Join Seema and the Kapish Team at our upcoming webinar, to hear more about the Austrade story and to see a live demo of Microsoft 365 Compliance with Content Manager.
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