6th Local Government entity partners with Kapish for Cloud record transformation

Kapish have been a long-term Content Manager partner with Liverpool, providing value adding services such integration with the Property & Ratings System (Pathway), business system integrations, Kapish Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) Products as well as Content Manager Upgrades.

Liverpool has signed a 5-year contract with Kapish to transform the delivery of Records Compliance, moving to Kapish Content Manager Cloud. 

As part of a broader transformation initiative, Council is Transitioning to cloud for many of its corporate systems to ensure a secure, interoperable suite of business systems.  The move to Kapish Content Manager Cloud ensures that Council can capitalise on significant regulatory, and costs benefits when compared to the legacy on-premise model.  The Kapish cloud platform also minimises the change impacts to the business while ensuring many of the business customisations will continue to function.

Liverpool City Council covers 42 suburbs and is one of the fastest growing regions in Sydney, with its population expected to almost double to more than 320,000 over the next 20 years.

Liverpool City Council is now the sixth local government entity that is undertaking the cloud records transformation journey (joining Campbelltown, Waverley, Monash, Whitehorse & Brisbane) with Kapish Content Manager Cloud.

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