5 Benefits of a Flexible Workforce

With the advancements in mobile technology over the years, we have seen a tremendous increase in flexible workforces. According to a new survey conducted by Owl Labs, a monumental 52% of workers work from home at least 1 day a week and 16% of global companies are now fully remote. With remarkable statistics like this, we must ask ourselves why so many companies are optimising their business structure to allow for flexible working conditions. What are the benefits of adopting this flexible mentality?

1. Connectivity

Long gone are the days where an employee clocks in at 9am and clocks out at 5pm. With the rise in global companies, many workers have to adjust their hours or work from home to meet global deadlines and communicate with colleagues in different time zones. Giving your employees the freedom to do this ultimately leads to a more connected workforce, wherever your employees may be located.

2. Productivity

Before the smartphone era, employees that had to travel off-site for business meetings, inspections or projects would previously have to leave the office and leave behind the bulk of their work, until they finished what they were doing and returned to the office. Today with the aid of smartphones and apps like Kapish goTRIM Pro, employees can access, edit and save company documents whenever and wherever they like, while maintaining security and compliance. This means that time spent commuting, out on the field or in between meetings, is no longer time wasted.

3. Employee Retention

According to the aforementioned survey, employees who work from home at least once a month are 24% more likely to feel productive and happy at work, with companies that allow remote work seeing 25% less turnover than those who don’t. This is especially true for employees with children, giving these workers flexibility means that they can meet their family’s needs without compromising on productivity and vice versa. The Flex Jobs 2018 Annual Survey indicated that 97% of workers said that a job with flexibility would have a huge improvement or positive impact on their overall quality of life. Happy employees are loyal and hard-working.

4. Reduce Costs

A flexible workforce will ultimately need less space to operate if some or all of their workers spend a large quantity of time working off-site. This can lead to reduced organisation operating costs. There are also health benefits to consider, with the risk of illnesses like the flu being spread within offices drastically reduced by remote workforces, sick leave rates will reduce and your employees can enjoy a healthy and happy workplace.

5. Talent Seeking

According to Forbes, 2019 “if your business is oriented around your locality, you’re going to be a little limited in who you can hire”. Ultimately, you’ll be hiring from a talent pool that’s within your local area. Opening your business up to flexible work conditions, means that you can hire talent from all over the world, ensuring that you have the best of the best on your team.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder we are seeing a rise in the rate of flexible workforces. Thanks to iPhones, Android Devices, Tablets and iPads, it’s now easier than ever to stay connected and productive. Kapish goTRIM Pro allows workers to access, edit and save company files wherever and whenever they like, quickly, easily and securely. The only application of its kind, goTRIM Pro is the first app to take Content Manager mobile. Only just released, we’re currently offering an incredible promotion that will allow you to try goTRIM Pro free for 12 months! What’s more is that you will get up to 5 licenses to accommodate your business needs. Find out more about how you can have productivity at your fingertips with goTRIM Pro here and check out the video below.


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