HP TRIM / HP RM Training

HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) Training

Whether you are looking for a basic one-day course on the features and key concepts of HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) or want in-depth technical training in HP TRIM / HP RM administration, the accredited training team at Kapish are here for you.

We provide training for all versions of HP TRIM / HP RM… from TRIM Context to the latest offering from HP.

Outline of Kapish HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) Training Courses:

  • End User – is designed as an introduction to HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM), explaining key concepts, functionality and the most commonly used features. Includes creating and working with existing records and searching.  This course is suitable for most HP TRIM / HP RM users.
  • Power User – for users looking to get more out of HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) and utilise some of the more advanced features. Power User training is for experienced users who have already undertaken the End User training course or have been using HP TRIM / HP RM extensively and want to get more out of the system. Recommended for members of Records Management or Team Leaders in other departments.
  • Module – this course is designed for the more advanced HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) users and covers setup and maintenance of a specific HP TRIM / HP RM module e.g. Workflow or Archiving.
  • Administrator – is an in-depth look at the advanced elements of HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) and is ideal for people who are responsible for setting up and maintaining HP TRIM / HP RM. This course equips HP TRIM / HP RM Administrators with the understanding required to plan and design a system to meet their business needs. Recommended for Records Management or IT staff having to administer the frontend of the HP TRIM / HP RM system.
  • Technical Systems Administrator – is typically for DBAs or other members of the IT department responsible for servicing and maintaining the backend of the HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) system. This training outlines how HP TRIM / HP RM works with your infrastructure, monitoring servers, backups and recovery procedures.
  • Train-the-Trainer – this course looks at the different techniques Records Management should employ when training staff in HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM). This course covers suggested course outlines and discusses some of the questions a HP TRIM / HP RM Trainer may be asked during their training session, ensuring the Trainer is fully confident running their own sessions. Recommended for Training Departments to learn HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) to facilitate HP TRIM / HP RM learning for staff.

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