Enable bi-directional integration between HPE Records Manager (HPE RM) and TechOne ProClaim (Property & Rating) – reduce duplication of records and increase data integrity, records keeping governance and compliance. Provide a greater scope of information stored in your document management system in real-time, eliminating redundant data and batch updating processes.


Key Features and Benefits
  • Link directly into ProClaim (Property & Rating) Names and Address Register (NAR from HPE RM
  • Navigate from your chosen file in HPE RM to the appropriate ProClaim  (Property & Rating) reference
  • Create new customer requests from HPE RM and automatically populate ProClaim (Property & Rating)
  • Link to multiple instances of HPE Records Manager (HPE RM) (e.g. Production, Training, Test)
  • View documents both in HPE RM and in ProClaim (Property & Rating)
  • The Integrator uses HPE RM as the document management repository giving full access to retention schedules, business classification schemes, security and access controls
Whether your users prefer to work in HPE RM or ProClaim (Property & Rating) you can rest easy in the knowledge that the corporate documents are stored correctly in HPE RM, all thanks to the Kapish ProClaim Integrator. Contact Kapish today to speak to a consultant about setting up integration between HPE RM and your LIS (Land Information System).


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