Two unique modules when configured together enable bi-directional integration between Content Manager (CM) and Infor Pathway. Reduce duplication of records and increase data integrity, records keeping governance and compliance. Provide a greater scope of information stored between your document management system and land information system in real-time, eliminating redundant data and batch updating processes.


Key Features and Benefits

Content Manager Connector
  • Link directly into Pathway’s Names and Address Register (NAR) from CM
  • Navigate from your chosen file in CM to the appropriate Pathway reference
  • Create new customer requests from CM and automatically populate Pathways
  • Link to multiple instances of CM (e.g. Production, Training, Test)
  • View documents both in CM and in Pathway
  • Create containers from Pathway into CM with pre-defined naming conventions
  • Create & edit documents in Pathway that are saved into CM
  • Link to CM Metadata Fields
  • Search CM from Pathway
  • Name Integration from Pathway to CM
  • The GENCON Driver uses CM as the document management repository giving full access to retention schedules, business classification schemes, security and access controls.

Whether your users prefer to work in CM or Pathway you can rest easy in the knowledge that the Kapish Pathway Integrator modules ensures corporate records are being stored and managed correctly within CM. Contact Kapish today to speak to a consultant about setting up integration between CM and Pathway.


Operating System Requirements

Content Manager Connector
  • Content Manager 9.0 or later installed on the PC
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later
  • The minimum requirements set by your current version of CM
  • Content Manager 9.0 or later installed on the Pathway Server
  • Pathway version 3.06 or later
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later
Compatible Applications
  • Pathway
Information for IT Department

Kapish Content Manager Connector is solely a client side application. Software installation is via a Microsoft Installer (MSI) file, this can be run manually on each PC or via common network installation methods (e.g.SCCM, ZENworks, Group Policy etc.). Kapish Pathway GENCON Driver and config file is located in the “\msc” directory of each Pathway install. The GENCON Driver is loaded by the Pathway Application Server which runs as a service.


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