Lotus Notes Add-In



Incorporate HPE CM functionality into simple buttons within Lotus Notes and make it easy for an end user to catalogue their emails into HPE Content Manager (HPE CM) with ease. Comply by capturing a true copy of emails sent and received with the Kapish Lotus Notes Add-In in their native mail rendition without any loss of content or formatting when saved to HPE CM.


Key Features and Benefits
  • Capture emails in their native mail rendition
  • Subject lines of emails registered in HPE CM are automatically updated with the HPE CM record number
  • Reduce mailbox sizes by saving a stub reference in Lotus Notes and the full version of the email in HPE CM
  • Automatically create HPE CM  relationships when responding to emails already registered in HPE CM
  • Map Lotus Notes folders to HPE CM  containers to provide real time drag & drop of emails into HPE CM
  • Attach HPE CM records to outgoing emails without leaving Lotus Notes
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by cataloguing true copies of emails
  • Register outgoing emails into HPE CM as they are sent, simplifying the cataloguing processes
  • Insert HPE CM records into new emails as either an electronic document, a HPE CM  reference file, metadata and/or renditions
  • One-click access to HPE CM records and linked folders from within Lotus Notes


Operating System Requirements
  • HP TRIM 7.3.5 or later (including HP Records Manager) installed on the PC
  • IBM Lotus Notes 6.5 or later installed on the PC
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5 or later
Information for IT Department

The Kapish Lotus Notes Add-In provides the ability to store Lotus Notes emails in HPE Content Manager (HPE CM) and retrieve them back into Lotus Notes with no loss of formatting. The Kapish Lotus Notes Add-In is a client–side application, and at no time is anything running on the Domino server. Different configuration options are available depending on the preferred configuration of the Kapish Lotus Notes Add-In. These configuration options will mandate differing technical requirements for the installation of the Kapish Lotus Notes Add-In. However, a new mail template is required to be distributed to each user profile.



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