When you choose a Kapish Product we like to think that that’s just the beginning of how we can help your business. We have made ongoing support a major priority of what we offer our clients so that you can rely on the support you need for whatever Kapish product you’ve purchased.

When you buy your Micro Focus Content Manager (formerly known as HP TRIM / HPE Records Manager) licences through Kapish we offer you free front-line* support for CM.

However, even if you didn’t purchase your Content Manager licenses or products from Kapish you can still buy a Kapish Support Package giving you access to extensive knowledge, expertis, experience and prioritised support service.


Kapish Premium Support Packages

Need expert help and support for Content Manager (TRIM / Records Manager)? Kapish offers a range of Premium Support Packages to suit organisations of all sizes. Choose a Gold or Silver Premium Support Package or tailor a support package to suit your specific requirements.

Kapish Premium Support Package Options
Gold Support

A comprehensive package to suit organisations that require support for Content Manager during business hours, with scheduled support outside of business hours.

Silver Support

A support package to suit organisations seeking a cost-effective support solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. Includes support for Content Manager during business hours, with scheduled support outside of business hours available on request.

Custom Support

Our Custom Support Agreements can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

Managed Services

Recruiting staff with the appropriate skills and experience to manage your Content Manager implementation can be difficult and costly for organisations. Engaging a service partner to provide these services can be a cost-effective solution, allowing your internal staff to focus on other core business activities.
Kapish Managed Services are tailored to provide an end-to-end solution for managing Content Manager implementations of all sizes.

Knowing Your Environment

It’s our in-depth understanding of your technical environment and the way you use CM that enables our support staff to fast-track your support requests.

Notifications Related To Your Environment

Our support staff can notify you if we identify an issue that you may be experiencing but are not yet aware of, or if we have identified a new release of CM that provides new functionality or enhancements that may be of interest to you.

Included Hours

All our Premium Support Agreements include pre-purchased time for onsite support, consulting or project work which can be used at your discretion. This allows quick access to our experienced team of consultants and software developers when you need it.

Reduced Consulting Rates

Our Premium Support customers enjoy reduced consulting rates which may be used for any onsite consulting or CM related projects including software development, upgrades and more.

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