HP TRIM – Features

HP TRIM software helps organisations improve business efficiency and staff productivity as well as reduce the heavy burden of information accountability through best practice information management. HP TRIM incorporates more than two decades of information management expertise into comprehensive, “out-of-the-box” software, providing document and records management, e-mail management, web content management, meeting management, imaging, workflow and document-centric collaboration to organisations around the world.

With tight desktop integration and the ability to scale across large, distributed environments, HP TRIM lets you capture, classify, manage, access and make more secure your enterprise information, from electronic to physical records, including all SharePoint content.

A summary of key features:

  • HP TRIM ensures all unstructured information, regardless of source, is managed in a unified way throughout its life cycle and is available to the business where and when it is required.
  • Email and SharePoint content are captured in their business context and are easily discoverable and managed for the life time of the business record ensuring that the risk of critical corporate records being unmanaged and lost is avoided.
  • HP TRIM for SharePoint, a next generation records management solution is unique in the way it manages SharePoint content. Any content item, list or site is managed according to established business rules. Because it does this in a completely transparent way, the business will capture all business records it wants to and the end user can spend more time on their daily core work, eliminating the time and effort performing records management tasks.
  • Information security is enhanced with strict control of access to all managed records, regardless of type or source, ensuring only those who are authorised to access records can do so thereby protecting corporate information from inappropriate access and misuse.
  • Being prepared for e-discovery is easy. All unstructured information including all SharePoint content is proactively captured, classified and managed in accordance with legislative requirements greatly reducing the cost of e-discovery.
  • Managing all unstructured information in a unified way delivers enhanced operational efficiency through more informed and timely decisions, greater productivity of staff, and improved service to the customer.

HP TRIM Compatibility Matrix

HP TRIM is n-tier client/server application. The product operates at the middle tier and is designed for Microsoft Windows 64 bit and 32 bit platforms. The client tier can be any IBM compatible PC running Microsoft Windows, the HP TRIM Web client, or with the HP TRIM for SharePoint module, SharePoint. The Windows environment supported is dependent upon the release of HP TRIM. The database tier can be on any hardware platform or operating systems running Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or IBM DB2. The database supported is dependent upon the release of HP TRIM.

View the compatibility support matrix for HP TRIM on the Datasheets page for your specific TRIM version.

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