HP TRIM – Benefits

Key differentiators at a glance

HP TRIM, built from the ground up with records management principles, manages all information, physical and electronic, for every stage of its life cycle.

HP TRIM enables compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements while increasing security, data integrity, productivity and accountability.

Our customers have been at the forefront of the evolution of the international records management standard ISO 15489 and other standards of best practice in corporate governance, legislation compliance and records management. As a result we bring a deep understanding of the issues of managing evidence of business activity and decisions with records management.

Proven enterprise records management

  • Manages all physical & electronic content, regardless of source from creation to disposal.
  • Secures your business records for improved business management and information discovery.
  • Provides easy access to information improving staff productivity and process efficiency.
  • Simply the best value for money and lowest implementation risk. HP TRIM, it just works!

Meet compliance obligations and be e-discovery prepared

  • Records management fundamentals support the ability to meet regulatory obligations.
  • The cost of responding to litigation by being e-discovery prepared is significantly reduced.
  • Automatic application of retention policies reduces financial risk and cost of e-discovery.
  • One secure authoritative system for all content protects your business and reduces costs.

Enhance business process management

  • Streamlined document and record centric business processes supports better business efficiency.
  • One authoritative source for corporate records minimizes costly errors and decisions.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency is achieved through more informed and timely decisions.
  • Securing all content in one authoritative system enhances transparency and governance.

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