HPE Records Manager for SharePoint

HPE Records Manager (HPE RM) for SharePoint is a next generation SharePoint integration that provides records management rigor to all SharePoint content including web 2.0 and seamlessly manages it according to business rules established at an administrative level. This enables the compliance and governance requirements you have for your enterprise content to be applied to SharePoint content.

HPE RM can manage, finalise, relocate and archive SharePoint content including blogs, wikis, discussions, documents, and sites, according to established business rules. This process is transparent to the user and all managed content is easily discoverable from SharePoint and HPE RM. Organisations can confidently build new business applications on the SharePoint platform and seamlessly manage the content from these applications in HPE RM according to their records management policies.

HPE RM SharePoint Modules

Records Management

  • Apply records management rigor to SharePoint
  • You define the rules and all records are managed for life, and it is transparent for the user.
  • Centrally defined and managed security permissions protect records from misuse.
  • SharePoint federated search returns SharePoint and HPE RM records enhancing productivity.
  • Managing SharePoint content including web 2.0 content enhances compliance.

Archive module

  • Seamless SharePoint site archiving
  • Lifetime management policies automate archiving processes and move entire SharePoint sites to HPE RM.
  • Usability of the content is retained with sites able to be restored into SharePoint.
  • Lifetime policies are applied transparently.
  • An integrated authentication model provides rigorous security for your business records.

HPE RM Web client

HPE RM Web Client is a zero footprint browser interface designed for ease of use for the knowledge worker. Developed with a focus on usability for the end user, the HPE RM Web Client is designed to be consistent with the look and feel of the HPE RM rich client and is customisable to suit your intranet. It complies with US 508 Accessibility Guidelines and is verified to US DoD 5015.2 V3.

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