HPE Records Manager – Scalability

HPE Records Manager (HPE RM) is highly scalable with some of the largest records management implementations in the world. For example a large US Defense organisation has 365,000 users across 52 bases. A major international oil company has 127,000 users across the globe. These organisations use HPE Records Manager (HPE RM) software to capture, manage, access and secure their electronic and paper records from creation to disposal.

Large Installation of Users and Delivery Servers

The HPE RM installation at Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) has 123 concurrent interoperating servers on a single dataset. The number of servers is determined by network topology rather than number of users or documents. The deployment has over 15,000 active users.

Large Number of Users

A Defense agency Intranet has 360,000 named users. To date HPE RM has been deployed to 324,000 desktops, 37 senior echelons with over 30,000 active users across 17 application servers and 10 database servers.

Large Number of Documents

A secure government account has over 1.5 million case files held in the HPE RM database. That is approximately 17 million pages and roughly 3TB of data, as those cases range from 10 to 2500 pages. The account is leveraging HPE RM’s document and records management capabilities from automated import of cases to retention schedules managing cases lasting 40 years. The complexity of the account is made manageable by using HPE Records Manager (HPE RM).

Large Records Management Dataset

A Federal Government social security department has a large dataset comprising 19 million case files (consisting of approximately 75+ million physical records) which are held in paper files. They are stored in 5 large warehouses around Australia. They have a single HPE RM database accessible by the distributed offices to manage all 19 million case files. The files managed in HPE Records Manager (HPE RM) are the entire client and administrative collection, the bulk of which are active client cases.

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