HPE Records Manager – Licences

HPE Records Manager (HPE RM) is licenced as a base system with additional optional modules. The system is licenced on a named user basis. Optional modules are also purchased on a named user basis (and the number of users for each of the optional modules will be equal to the number of users of the base product).

This named user pricing model provides economies of scale with discounts increasing as the number of users increase. Additional modules can be purchased at any stage which allows customers to rollout all components of HPE Records Manager (HPE RM) in stages and as required. To encourage customers to deploy servers to maximize performance across their network, by deploying data and content caches where needed, there is no server charge.

If you are looking to purchase HPE Records Manager (HPE RM) Licenses for a new site or buy additional licences for an existing site, contact Kapish today.

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